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Namaste, I’m Tonya. I am the founder and creator of Être. I’m a passionate healer and feng shui practitioner with an alternative holistic approach to help you move through a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions. My yoga and reiki practices lead me on a journey back to myself. On this journey, I starting feeling a deep connection to not only the energy inside of myself but the energy all around me. 


On my journey, I discovered a deep love and respect for the use of crystals for the healing and balancing of the body and home/office environment. I started Être to share the knowledge and the power of crystals with you. I curate beautiful, unique, reiki-infused, high quality crystal sets that are perfect for balancing mind, body, spirit and home. 


I am a mom of two amazing children. They are my why. I love that these two kids get to not only see their mother working so passionately at something she believes in, but that they get to be a part of it. Both of my children love to be around crystals!  Yes, Être is a family business. They help me sort and organize the crystals with so much love and excitement. 


Currently, I am a Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher as well as a Crystal Healing Practitioner. I have my 500 hr yoga teacher’s certification and continued my education with an additional 100 hr yin course as well as Ayurveda medicine and lifestyle teachings. 



My mission is simple: balance. Helping you rediscover balance in your life through energy work, crystals and most importantly…love. 



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