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Spiritual meanings for various shapes of Crystals

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Natural Shapes.


Raw natural stones are formed underneath the Earth and have different shapes and sizes. Due to weathering and exposure to water, wind, and other elements, the shapes of these stones change over time.


Raw crystals can grow embedded in a rock or mineral. When they are extracted, the host material may still be attached. When the host material becomes part of a crystal, the material is called a matrix. It is rare to find a crystal that has blended spectacularly with its matrix. So a crystal on a matrix that displays a combination of colors is considered more desirable, therefore harder to find and buy.


Crystals extracted straight from the mine also come in various shapes depending on their internal crystal structure. This fixed structure is determined by the ordered arrangement (i.e. lattice) of atoms, ions, or molecules present in the crystal. The crystal structure also dictates how the crystal will grow. Both natural and polished points are used as energy tools in crystal rituals. They are beneficial in radiating light, manifesting intentions faster, and releasing positive energies.

Tumbled stones

Tumbled stones are small and perfectly polished portions from a Crystal material. Tumbled stones are used in alternative medicine, energy healing, meditation, Feng Shui, and manifesting luck. The size of a tumble stone make for the ideal method to utilize the energy of the stone at anytime and at any location throughout the day.


Clusters, (also called druzy) is a group of crystals that formed or grew together. They are commonly used in energy healing. With its multiple points, one crystal cluster can release vast amounts of positive energy into a space. In the world of Feng Shui, it is placed in different parts of a home or office to absorb negative energies. A cluster is great for bringing unity to any space. A wonderful place to utilize this energy would be to place a cluster on your dining table, living room table, or other shared areas with your loved ones. In the work space a cluster can be a perfect fit in conference rooms, large offices and any other areas where people come together. It helps create a space of open dialogue and community.

Egg Shapes The egg-shaped crystal can be utilized for beginning new chapters in life. They invite ‘miracles’ and ‘magic’ that soften transitions and complete transformations.

The eggs also represent fertility and a powerful life force.


The healing properties of heart-shaped crystals are powerful and are the perfect crystal to work with to reinforce a range of intentions including love, passion, happiness, and enthusiasm. All heart-shaped crystals are meant to power, cleanse, unblock, and inspire your heart energy field known as the heart chakra. Meditating with a heart-shaped crystal helps to activate your heart chakra. In Feng Shui the ideal area in the home to place a heart shape crystal is in the very center of the home. This is considered the heart of the home that pumps life/energy throughout the entire home. Correcting the energy in this space is vital for the quality of energy throughout the home, and the wellbeing of people that live within the home.

Crystal Angel

Crystal Angels come in many shapes and sizes. Crystal Angels welcome angelic energies, helping you connect with specific angels such as your guardian angels. Small ones can be easily carried with you in your pocket or a handbag. Crystal Angels can be placed at the center of angelic crystal grids inside the home, as well as through the home for added high vibrational angelic support, protection, and healing vibrations.

Crystal skulls

Crystal skulls are known for enhancing psychic powers. The vibrational energy that skulls release is considered to be similar to the electromagnetic waves of the brain which are responsible for thought processing. Some people also use crystal skulls to help connect with their ancestors, guides or other spiritual teachers and masters. They can also be worked with for healing, protection and channelling guidance or ancient knowledge. Crystal skulls can be held while meditating, placed around the home or used as part of crystal grids.


Cubes can be utilized for grounding your mind and body back into the present moment. It helps you connect to the energy of the Earth. You can also place them in each corner of a room to protect the space or on a crystal grid for protection.

Crystal wands

Wands are a vital tool in sacred rituals. They can focus or direct energy through their tips in one direction. Crystal wands can also be used for relaxation, regeneration, energization, stress relief, pain relief, anti-aging face massage, and balancing on multiple levels. The rounded end of a crystal wand can be used for massages. The pointed end of the wand is used to apply pressure to reflexology points to stimulate the function of the corresponding organs. Before using, it's important to program the crystal wand for its intended purpose.


Spheres, (crystal balls) are shaped from a huge crystal that is cut into a polyhedron, then gridded into a sphere. Spheres are also known for their ability to stimulate the flow of positive energy in unstable environments. Its circle form transmits the properties of the crystal in all directions. They also assist in uplifting a person’s energy field, thereby improving their overall wellbeing.


Pyramids catch energy from the universe through its apex and stores this energy in its core. It has a square base and four triangular faces that represent the four cosmic elements namely air, water, fire, and earth. Pyramids are believed to generate a massive energy vortex that has the power to heal, rejuvenate, and purify people, objects, and surroundings. This sacred shape can also raise intentions and vibrations. One of the best benefits of the pyramid is that it can expand your consciousness. It brings awareness to the changes happening in your mind and body. Being in the present moment allows you to better cope with the changes/transformations.


A crystal point is the sharp pinnacle or end of a crystal. It can either be on one or both sides.

Generator crystals are a type of polished crystal with a point. Crystal points generate massive amounts of powerful healing energies. These types of crystals are used to amplify the energies of other crystals, radiate light, manifest intentions more effectively, and release positive energies to people and environments.


Geodes are spherical to irregularly shaped rocks that look like the usual rock on the outside but tell a different story on the inside. Interiors of geodes are made of beautiful contrasting clusters of minerals.

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